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Captain Saru Vincent of the Angry Badger [userpic]
by Captain Saru Vincent of the Angry Badger (spunkykitty)
at June 28th, 2006 (01:33 pm)
current song: Howling winds

((Come on, people...This thing has been dead long enough...Let's get it going again!))

Saru stared at the island. "Riku, go get my map..." she muttered to the monkey on her shoulder. He lept down from her shoulder and ran to her cabin, grabbing the map off of the table. Handing it to her, he jumped back onto her shoulder.
Saru spread the map on the deck in front of her.
"There...There shouldn't be an island here...Unless we got blown off course somewhere..." She looked up at the island again, slowly growing closer and closer. She looked back at the map. "Something is wrong here."
A thought crept into the back of Saru's mind. They needed to turn around, get away.
She shook the thought out of her head. Slowly she stood up and rolled up the map, giving it to Riku.
Saru turned around.
"All hands on deck! Prepare to drop anchor! We're going ashore!!" She shouted.