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The Evil Rapunzzle [userpic]
by The Evil Rapunzzle (dragon_secrets)
at May 10th, 2006 (06:22 pm)

At the Captains orders, Anamaria left Thom with the injured man and headed back on deck. The breeze had picked up slightly, but it was still slow enough to take pleasure in. Making her way over to the mast, she listened to the crew members whispering around her. They still couldn't seem to get over the rescued man, and Damion's attempt to kill him. However, Anamaria did wonder herself what had come over Damion. She had a feeling it had been more than just the rum that made him act so rashly. Sighing lightly she made her way up the ropes and back to the crow's nest. Turning to face the vast empty sea, Anamaria hummed to herself under her breath. Her humming soon turned to singing however. This was one talent she had that she dared not to tell anybody about, she could sing. It did not seem to her something a pirate would do, and she didn't need the rest of the crew mocking her for it. That might cause her to loose her temper and do something irreversible, something she knew the Captain would disapprove of. Because although she was usually subdued and quite, when she lost her temper she got violent. Singing to herself still, Anamaria leaned on the edge of the crow's nest and felt a daydream start to sweep over her.