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The Evil Rapunzzle [userpic]
by The Evil Rapunzzle (dragon_secrets)
at June 28th, 2006 (10:44 pm)

((I'm kind of behind so I'm just going to start where the crew went missing.))

Anamaria heard the scream behind her and turned.  It appeared that they were being dragged downward, being swallowed by the ground itself.  She ran to help, but was stopped by a tug at her ankle.  The creature which had taken the first victim now had her too!  She drew out her dagger to try and cut herself free, but it wasn't sharp enough.  She even tried to shoot it off of her with her pistol.  Fighting against the creatures strength, or was it a plant she couldn't tell, Anamaria barely noticed the other crew members having the same difficulties.  It seemed as if the island was alive and taking the crew captive.  As her entire body was wrapped up by this monstrous thing, Anamaria started to black out.  The last thing she remembered was the blood-curdling scream of pain and agony from one of the others...