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elvenfire727 [userpic]
by elvenfire727 (elvenfire727)
at October 22nd, 2006 (04:01 pm)

(Is there any reason that we all stopped doing anything?)

The Evil Rapunzzle [userpic]
by The Evil Rapunzzle (dragon_secrets)
at June 28th, 2006 (10:44 pm)

((I'm kind of behind so I'm just going to start where the crew went missing.))

Anamaria heard the scream behind her and turned.  It appeared that they were being dragged downward, being swallowed by the ground itself.  She ran to help, but was stopped by a tug at her ankle.  The creature which had taken the first victim now had her too!  She drew out her dagger to try and cut herself free, but it wasn't sharp enough.  She even tried to shoot it off of her with her pistol.  Fighting against the creatures strength, or was it a plant she couldn't tell, Anamaria barely noticed the other crew members having the same difficulties.  It seemed as if the island was alive and taking the crew captive.  As her entire body was wrapped up by this monstrous thing, Anamaria started to black out.  The last thing she remembered was the blood-curdling scream of pain and agony from one of the others...

thepurplehippo (Chris) [userpic]
by thepurplehippo (Chris) (thepurplehippo)
at June 28th, 2006 (02:43 pm)
current location: Angry Badger
current song: Waves

Damion was sitting in his cabin when he heard the Captain's call. Gathering his scimitar and his hawk compainion, Jean-Luc, he open his door and peered over the railing. He saw the island in the distance and his eyes narrowed seeing it approach ominously. Jean-Luc let out a sqawk and he continued his walk to the captain.

Captain Saru Vincent of the Angry Badger [userpic]
by Captain Saru Vincent of the Angry Badger (spunkykitty)
at June 28th, 2006 (01:33 pm)
current song: Howling winds

((Come on, people...This thing has been dead long enough...Let's get it going again!))

Saru stared at the island. "Riku, go get my map..." she muttered to the monkey on her shoulder. He lept down from her shoulder and ran to her cabin, grabbing the map off of the table. Handing it to her, he jumped back onto her shoulder.
Saru spread the map on the deck in front of her.
"There...There shouldn't be an island here...Unless we got blown off course somewhere..." She looked up at the island again, slowly growing closer and closer. She looked back at the map. "Something is wrong here."
A thought crept into the back of Saru's mind. They needed to turn around, get away.
She shook the thought out of her head. Slowly she stood up and rolled up the map, giving it to Riku.
Saru turned around.
"All hands on deck! Prepare to drop anchor! We're going ashore!!" She shouted.

Captain Saru Vincent of the Angry Badger [userpic]
by Captain Saru Vincent of the Angry Badger (spunkykitty)
at May 22nd, 2006 (03:50 pm)

current location: aboard the Angry Badger
current mood: excited
current song: whipping winds

As she was walking back toward her cabin, Saru was shocked on how the wind was picking up. What had been a gentle breeze this morning was blowing in fierce gusts. She looked up at the sail as it strained to keep up with the increasing wind.
The Angry Badger was beginning to move at a faster pace. A smile danced on Saru's lips. She was beginning to get excited. If this kept up, they'd be getting to the island much faster than was originally planned.
Saru felt some need to go back to the railing where she was just standing. Looking out on the horizon, she thought she saw something. Some sort of land, perhaps?
She called up to Anamaria in the crow's nest. "Do you see that? What do you think it could be?"

Captain Saru Vincent of the Angry Badger [userpic]
by Captain Saru Vincent of the Angry Badger (spunkykitty)
at May 15th, 2006 (09:52 pm)

current location: aboard the Angry Badger
current mood: contemplative
current song: soft singing to myself

Saru closed her eyes. She relaxed her mind until she could hear the song again.
Without realizing it, she began to sing, very softly.

Follow the light of the setting sun
The first star lights the way
In the moonlight they will run
And hide come break of day

She opened her eyes. The song was still ringing in her ears, in her mind. She remembered hearing it long ago, when she was very young, from a man on another ship. He had given her a warning too...
"Aye, little lass, ye'll want to keep an eye out. They make even the heartest pirates skitter like shrimp."
Her father had told her there was nothing to fear, that he would protect her.
Try as she may, Saru couldn't remember what it was the man was warning her about, what it was that was so greatly feared.
She shook her head and heard her stomach growl. It was about time for the cook to start lunch.

The Evil Rapunzzle [userpic]
by The Evil Rapunzzle (dragon_secrets)
at May 10th, 2006 (06:22 pm)

At the Captains orders, Anamaria left Thom with the injured man and headed back on deck. The breeze had picked up slightly, but it was still slow enough to take pleasure in. Making her way over to the mast, she listened to the crew members whispering around her. They still couldn't seem to get over the rescued man, and Damion's attempt to kill him. However, Anamaria did wonder herself what had come over Damion. She had a feeling it had been more than just the rum that made him act so rashly. Sighing lightly she made her way up the ropes and back to the crow's nest. Turning to face the vast empty sea, Anamaria hummed to herself under her breath. Her humming soon turned to singing however. This was one talent she had that she dared not to tell anybody about, she could sing. It did not seem to her something a pirate would do, and she didn't need the rest of the crew mocking her for it. That might cause her to loose her temper and do something irreversible, something she knew the Captain would disapprove of. Because although she was usually subdued and quite, when she lost her temper she got violent. Singing to herself still, Anamaria leaned on the edge of the crow's nest and felt a daydream start to sweep over her.

Captain Saru Vincent of the Angry Badger [userpic]
by Captain Saru Vincent of the Angry Badger (spunkykitty)
at May 10th, 2006 (03:20 pm)

current location: aboard the Angry Badger
current mood: nostalgic
current song: the songs and daydreams playing in my mind

Saru leaned on the tall wooden railing at the bow of the ship and stared out at the crystal clear ocean. The sun shone brightly overhead. It couldn't be much later than 10 o'clock. Since she got the crew moving again, they were making steady progress. If it continued at this rate, they'd be at the island in no more than three days.
Saru closed her eyes again and listened to the sounds of the wind. Images flowed into her mind of the things they might encounter, the fabled dangers that scared everyone else off before they set foot on land.
From the back of her mind, she thought she heard something else.
A child's voice, singing a low and eerie song.
A memory from long ago.
Then as quickly and silently as it had come, the song was gone.
Saru opened her eyes. Her gaze fell back upon the waves below.

thepurplehippo (Chris) [userpic]
by thepurplehippo (Chris) (thepurplehippo)
at May 10th, 2006 (03:07 pm)

current location: Angry Badger
current mood: accomplished
current song: Waves

As Damion finished he usual ship rounds, he decided to head back to the weaponry figuring that the newcomer had enough of the crew around him if he were to become a threat. Not only that, he had noticed the silly monkey keeping a watchful eye on him, so he figured he should stay clear of the man. Opening the door to the weaponry, he quickly closed and locked the door, prevent the monkey from sneaking in and seeing his work. The weapons officer sat at his work bench and continued his slow process of making his two scimitars. "At last!" smiling to himself, Damion picked up one of the finished scimitars which was now topped with a perfectly cut diamon point. He grinned at the thought of the gash such a point could inflict. He removed his old scimitar and placed on of the new ones in it. Grabbing the second scimitar, he placed it in a newly made sheath and attached it to his other side. Armed with two scimitars now, Damion walked out of the weaponry grinning.

Captain Saru Vincent of the Angry Badger [userpic]
by Captain Saru Vincent of the Angry Badger (spunkykitty)
at May 9th, 2006 (09:42 pm)

current location: aboard the Angry Badger
current mood: cheerful
current song: ocean waves

Saru walked back into her cabin. The man on her bed looked to be soundly sleeping. She turned to Thom. "Thom, you stay here and watch him. If anything happens, let me know. Everyone else, let's get back to work. We've got an island to find."
With all the commotion, she had forgotten about the mission at hand. It had just now returned to her mind. Nothing could keep her away from her goal of reaching that island.
She stepped out to the bow of the ship. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath of sea air. The wind blew through her still soaking wet hair.
The mysterious man, an uncharted island...Who knew what else would occur.
This would be no ordinary adventure.

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